Platimax D.F. 1200W

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    However, configuring a multi-GPU system requires proper planning to make sure you are not driving all currents through the same cable source that might overload both your motherboard and your power supply.

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    Driving your GPUs on separate 12V rail is a good practice that most tech-savvy users already aware of. Do you realize that your motherboard might be pulling too much current from your 24Pin power source and cause system damage?

    This will prevent motherboard overloading and possibly cause damage to your system including your Enermax power supply.

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    Once this occurs, it will be treated as improper system configuration and any damage on the power supply as a result of it, will not be covered under Enermax manufacturer¡¦s warranty. Please refer to your motherboard¡¦s user manual to configure your system properly to prevent motherboard overloading damage to your system and your power supply. Either sleeved or flat type modular cables in the box are all compatible with your newly purchased power supply.

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    Please be noted that overloading could cause the connector or wire meltdown and could void the warranty.